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Vetscan Volume 7 No 2 | Incredible history of Indian Veterinary Research Institute Mukteshwar

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Use of Geoinformatics in Livestock Disease Management

Trans-boundary Diseases of Animals: Mounting Concerns

S. H. Basagoudanavar and M. Hosamani

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Harnessing RNA Interference Technology for Prospective Application in Animal Science

Acute Phase Proteins - a Potent Biomarker for Mastitis

Thulasiraman P, Joydip Mukherjee,
Dipak Banerjee, Guru D.V. Pandiyan, K. Das,
P.R. Ghosh and P.K. Das

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    SNP Genotyping of DGAT1 Gene in Bubalus bubalis

    Biochemical Parameters of Follicular Fluid in Cyclic and Acyclic Sheep

    Naafia Rufai, W. A. A. Razzaque and
    Ammarah Shah

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    Antibiogram Profile and 16S rDNA RFLP Analysis of Enteric Bacteria from Farm Animals of Andaman Islands 

    Histomorphometry of Brachiocephalic Artery of Iranian Pigeon (Columba livia domestica)

    Farhad Rahmanifar, Leili Asadi-Yousefabad and Maryam Sharafi

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    Haematobiochemical Changes in Canine Scabies

    Aabeen Sakina and R. K. Mandial

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    Differentiation-of-Closely-Related-Isolates-(vaccinal strains)-of-Pasteurella-multocida-using-FT-IR.pdf

    Antimycotic Activity of Commelina cyanea

    Tata Elvis Fon, Mor Michael Bah,
    Bangha Wilson Yongbang, Gerald Ngu Tata
    and Akwah Emmanuela Ambe

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    Escherichia Coli from Day Old Chicks of a Selected Breeder Farm in Bangladesh

    M. A. Rashid, K. A. Chowdhury,
    S. M. S. Mahmud, T. Chowdhury,
    A. A. M. Bhuyan, Z. Nahar and S. K. Paul

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    Isolation and Characterization of Pasteurella multocida from Infected Animals

    Rabia Durrani, Fawad Ali Khan and Qurban Ali

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    Detection of Gestational Age and Days Before Parturition Using Ultrasonography in Canines

    Qazi Mudasir Javeid, K. A. Shah, Anjum Andrabi
    and R. A. Baig

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    Rhabdomyosarcoma in the Canine Maxillofacial Area

    Lakshmi Gandi

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    Successful Surgical Repair of Rostral Mandible and Maxilla Fracture with Cross Pinning and Cerclage Wire in a Horse

    A. Gopinathan, Kiranjeet Singh, A. C. Saxena,
    Mohsina A., Deepti Bodh and Tamil Mahan P.

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    Endotoxemia in Horses in
    Sri Lanka - Case Report

    Umanga Gunasekera, Anil Pushpakumara
    and L. N. A. De Silva

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    Megaesophagus in a German Shepherd Pup - A Case Report

    K. Lakshmi and K. Padmaja

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    Effect-of-Dietary Incorporation-of-Spent-Brewers-Yeast-on-Carcass-Characteristics-in-Three-Line-Cross-Bred-Pigs

    Haemoproteus spp. Infection of Domestic Poultry of Bangladesh

    Ausraful Islam, Anisuzzaman,
    Abul Kalam Mohammad Arifur Rabbi,
    Asadur Rahman, Md. Atiqul Islam
    and Md. Hafezur Rahman

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    Clinico-Pathological and Etiological Characterization of an Outbreak of Abortion Caused by Toxoplasma gondii in a Herd of Dairy Goats in Palestine

    A. H. Dalaab, S. Barhoom and Z. Bani Ismail

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